MSN is well set up to provide advice and guidance on taxation, critcally educating each client to awareness of tax avoidance over tax evasion. Our areas of specialisation include the following:

1. Income Tax
Advice is provided to minimise your tax liabilities on your earnings whether foreign or domestic. We are also able to advise on the most efficient and legitimate method of receiving your earnings.

2. Corporation Tax 
MSN advise on all degrees of corporation tax from incorporating a business to purchasing a company, as well as the tax liabilities involved when selling a company.

3. Capital Gains Tax
Whether selling a house or a business, early tax planning is essential to ensure tax liabilities are kept to a minimum.

4. Inheritance Tax
The likes of property are subject to inheritance tax when ownership changes hands. MSN can prepare every client to ensure they are well equipped and prepared to partake in the inheritance procedure.

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Hillingdon, Middlesex. UB8 3PS

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